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Electric Conversion Kits

Electric Conversion Kits

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Burdened by the exorbitant prices for gasoline, it is only natural for car owners to look for an alternative that will cost them less but still let them continue using their automobiles. One existing option is the electric car where, in place of gasoline, the car makes use of electric power produced by a set of batteries in order to run. Now, the question is, how can a person get hold of an electric car for himself or his family?

The first option would be to approach any of those professional car conversion services, which unfortunately will charge you a hefty service fee in return. On the other hand, you can buy electric conversion kits. Electric conversion kits are less expensive, and let you do your conversion by yourself. If you have the money, go ahead and get a professional to do the converting for you. If you’re on a tight budget and would not mind getting all oily and dirty, you should do your own conversion using an electric conversion kit.

Which Electric Car Conversion Kit Should You Use?


Electric Conversion Kits come in different configurations. The difference mainly lies in the type of motor that they come with, and the batteries that are used to power them. Specifically, you can come across both AC and DC motor types while shopping for an electric car conversion kit. Which of these should you buy for your car conversion project?

At first glance, DC would be an ideal choice. It is very inexpensive, plus car owners can quickly set this up as it is very easy to install. It also comes with an overdrive feature that allows you to boost its horsepower for a certain period of time. However, DC comes with a serious disadvantage: its heat buildup is very fast which can force you to limit usage in order to avoid overheating and, worse, destroying the battery.

On the other hand, you can find the AC electric conversion kits. While it is more expensive and certainly a bit more difficult to set up on your car, AC motors don’t suffer from the heating problems that DC motors have. While it does not have the overdrive feature, AC electric conversion kits are distinctive for their regenerative braking feature. With this, they can convert kinetic energy produced each time you step on the brakes to electrical energy which is then transferred to the batteries.